Working at Home: What Kind of Work?

If you choose to be a work at home mom the type of work you do will naturally impact your experience. I began by doing the same kind of work I’d done in the corporate world – only at home as an independent contractor. The pay was good and I could pick my own hours. But those hours had to be when my husband was home (to watch the kids), and I had to go into my office (a spare bedroom) and shut the door. It just didn’t feel right..

Don’t be afraid to explore the best work at home situation for you.

Travel Benefits of Working at Home

A recent AP article focused on the effect of rising gas prices on the habits of stay-at-home moms. They’re staying home more than ever, the article said, because of the transportation costs of going anywhere.

One of the perks of being a work at home mom in my industry (social marketing) is the virtual travel benefits. It’s not uncommon for me to talk with people in multiple states and send e-mails around the world in any given day. And I don’t have to pay for gas :-).